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Christian Woman: Connect with other Christian women. This is the place for you to refresh, re-center, and boost your spirit. Get tips on how to develop your relationships and nurture your family. Build your faith. Join this Facebook group.

Children In Need: Connect with people dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of issues that impact children. Join this Facebook group.

Celebrity Values: Celebrity Values reports on famous people giving back. Includes stories on Natalie Grant, Switchfoot, Jars of Clay, Lance Armstrong, Halle Berry, Bono, Jackie Chan, Don Cheadle, George Clooney, Penelope Cruz, John Cusack, Ellen Degeneres, Destiny's Child, Cameron Diaz, Diddy, Jane Fonda, Michael J. Fox, Jamie Foxx, Bob Geldof, Tom Hanks, Salma Hayek, Faith Hill, Angelina Jolie, Sara McLauchlan and more. Join this Facebook group.

So This Is Parenting: A place for parents to share their parenting stories, insights, tips, resources, questions, etc. Join this Facebook group.

Concerts, Concerts, Concerts: Connect with other concert lovers. Share information and opinions about concerts and tours. Join this Facebook group.

I Am A Recording/Performing Artist: Identify yourself as a recording/performing artist. Connect with other recording/performing artists. Discuss recording and performing.Open to professional and amature artists of all experience levels. Join this Facebook group.

I Am A Songwriter: Indentify yourself as a songwriter. Connect with other songwriters and discuss songwriting. Join this Facebook group.

I Play Guitar: Indentify yourself as a guitarist. Connect with other people who are enthusiastic about playing guitar. Share resources, stories, etc. Join this Facebook group.

I Play Keyboards: Indentify yourself as a keyboard player. Connect with other keyboard players and share resources, stories, etc. Join this Facebook group.

I Lead Worship: Indentify yourself as a worship leader and/or worship team member. Connect with other people who facilitate worship. Share resources, insights, experiences, etc. Join this Facebook group.

Christian Music Place Group: Connect with other Christian music enthusiasts. Share information and discussion about Christian music, Christian artists, albums, etc. Join this Facebook group.

I Am A Photographer: Identify yourself as a photographer. Connect with other photographers. Share resources, reviews, stories and photos. Join this Facebook group.

Television, Video & Multimedia Production: Topics and people related to television, video and multimedia production. Share tips, review production equipment, connect with production professionals, etc. Join this Facebook group.

On The Career Path: On The Career Path presents multi-faceted portraits of the people filling the positions at major corporations. The revealing interviews show that personal characteristics often play an important role in the unpredictable career trajectories of the industry. Join this Facebook group.


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